Privatsternwarte Wallhausen...dem Himmel so nah(e)

Merge all relevant informations from various programs into one view
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Shown are the RMS in arcsec for the duration of a subframe (i.e. 900s) and it's distribution.
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Shown are skyquality in mag (NELM), temperature and dewpoint.
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The most important settings can be done with this site.
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After selecting all relevant parameters you can calculate the SNR for a single frame or a stack of frames.

It's useful for calculating the required exposuretime when imaging asteroids.
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Observatory cam
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Sample for a pointingmodel with17 points. 9 steps moving to west and 8 steps moving back to the east.

Currently I'm trying to consider the results in GoTo-Commands.
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ObservatoryPilot - Monitor
(on Remote PC)
This module shows guiding performance on a Remote-PC.
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ObservatoryPilot - FitsViewer
(on Remote PC)
Everytime a new image is downloaded from the cam on the Observatory-PC it will be displayed with some information on my Remote-PC.

With the MTF-Parameter and "Toggle Source" you can switch between original image and stretched image.
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ObservatoryPilot - Focuser
With this module you can watch FWHM when focusing. You can create a V-Curve, too, to determine the optimal focuserposition.
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